this is sad and hopeful all at the same time...

drinking that third cup of coffee... walked the dog... sent the kids off in the carpool to school... getting ready to start my day
getting moving in my morning routine

blogging... which is reading blogs... writing blogs... Internets news... Internet articles... and FACEBOOK
often multiple speed play turns in SCRABBLE... also on FACEBOOK

this morning I saw a posting on Liz Hatch's FACEBOOK page
it was not bike related and it was from CNN
the comments under the post sent me following the link

Death at 25: Blogging the end of a life

and Eva's blog
65 Red Roses
thoughts on living with CF

Eva died in March of 2010

sad... this morning I was thinking of Josh Bennett... Josh died of cancer earlier this year
there was a small service hosted by the family for the family
there was talk of something at the 9:30 Club
Lisa and I talked about a Sunday brunch with a small group of friends
it never happened... everyone just got back into the routine of their lives
we need to make something happen