time to rethink the bike... how can the bike fit into your world?

why walk when you can ride?
why take the bus or cab when you can take a bike?
why use your bike... when you can bike share?
don't have a bike... SMART BIKE DC could be the bike for you!

don't feel like breaking a sweat walking
need to hail a cab?
maybe a pedi-cab can get you their quicker... or at least... just as quick
next time you are trying to hail a cab
make it a pedi-cab!

think you have too much stuff to carry to ride a bike?
there are all sorts of trailer options
the bob-trailer may get the job done
or better yet...
you can do your commute and leave your lock, your shoes, and a change of clothes at the office
wear casual gear on the bike... change at the office
use the dry cleaner downtown... pick up your clean gear at lunch
problem solved

there really is no excuse why you are not on a bike!

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