the weekend is behind us... time for the week

ah... the weekend
the weekend and its obligations
this weekend was choc full of fun and adventure

Friday came with the threat of rain
that did not dissuade me from the effort of dropping off the bikes with the boys so that we could ride bikes home from school rather than driving the car both ways
on this day Lisa joined in on the biking home action... the boys totally dug that
Lisa dug it too

then the evening came
I had obligations that kept me from attending the WABA Gala
then when my evening's event ended early... I tried to catch some of the fun at the gala
a quick change into something quasi formal and I was on my bike riding down one hill and up another to the Austrian Embassy
as I locked up my bike outside the Gala I saw a parade of people streaming out
it was awkward... awkward was what I was trying to avoid... awkward was just what I walked into

I had my hesitation about attending the WABA Gala
that is part of the reason I did not reschedule my family event for that evening
having applied for the Executive Director position at WABA had me not wanting to attend
as I did not want to enter the room as if I was in an interview situation
I want an interview... but in the interview room... not in the social situation
I wanted my approach to people I knew to be natural and unrehearsed
well... I did manage to say hello to a few people without any lobbying-like actions
but it was all a tad awkward at least for me

Saturday morning came with the usual routine of SOCCER
Lisa took Dean to his game and I left off with Grant to coach his
again... threat of rain
it was wet... but these six year olds play on astro turf so the games are only canceled in case of lightning
it was a good game... even if the other team looked like they were sponsored by a pharmaceutical company that makes growth hormones
when leaving I would swear that one of the kids from the other team was driving the car
which of course would indicate that these kids were older than six
we got creamed!

the afternoon played itself out with the usual course of action
ending with dropping the kids off at their grandma's for a sleep over so Lisa and I could attend a fundraiser for the boys' school

ah... the Eaton Auction
a good time... even if I did not win what I bid on

the night was late, but luckily the race at Greenbrier had a 2PM start which allowed for a casual morning
that race went well
it was a good day on the bike
it was a good weekend all around

things could have been played differently
all things considered they played out pretty well
ending the weekend with by winning the Clydesdale Class at Greenbrier was pretty sweet
a great start to the season
a fantastic end to a wonderful weekend

weekends should be more like this every weekend!