beyond tacky

I recall a time when people were putting tacks down on The Mount Vernon Trail just outside of Old Town Alexandria
although I never flatted there... I heard of it happening to others a number of times
in jest I would claim that it must be one of the shops trying to drum up flat repair business

I once double flatted on some unofficial natural surface trails just off the Capital Crescent Trail
a short time after I told my brother... he was riding is that same location and he also double flatted
later my brother returned with a Montgomery County Police officer who had a metal detector... they found strips of carpet tacks tucked under the leaves at a number of spots on the trail

what sort of psychopath sets traps for humans?

and this...
this... well... this is a little more obnoxious
and even more pathological
sure... none of these are quite as bad as a razor blade in an apple
although falling into a very close second
as the worst case scenario could be very much the same
danger... danger... danger...

what sort of redneck sociopath pulled this move?
disgruntle blue haired lady tired of having to alter her route once a year
or simple country folk that does not have the good sense to know better

beyond tacky... definitely beyond tacky
Bicycle Road Race in Leonardtown Maryland suffers several crashes due to tacks left on various sections of the course