DC and the arrival of Farmer's Market Bike Clinics and Open Air Bike Swaps

at Bike To Work Day there was mention that I should plug the DC Farmer's Market Bike Clinics on my blog...
there was no need for discussion... I agreed... I should... I should have already posted something
I also felt that I should check out one of the DC Farmer's Market Bike Clinics
I should have checked out one of the DC Farmer's Market Bike Clinics by now

there it was Saturday... Saturday afternoon... after an already hectic Saturday morning
to my pleasure I had a window of opportunity between kid's soccer games an
d family bike rides
so... I grabbed my camera and walked on over to the Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market Bike Coop
and what did I discover... providence... I had timed it such that I was there in time to check out the Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market Bike Clinic and the DC BIKE SWAP!
people were just starting to set up as I arrived
my timing was good

it all unfolded in front of me

The Farmer's Market Bike Clinics are EVERY SATURDAY May through October
the DC Bike Swap is not as regular

Farmer's Market Bike Clinics
Mt Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant and Lamont St NW

Glover Park-Burleith

Wisconsin and 35th Street NW

14th & U
14th and U Street NW

1st and R NW

the Mount Pleasant Bike Coop was still up and running when I arrived
Ben West the Master of Ceremony had a bike in the stand

then things started to set up
some people showed up with tables
several people with several tables
some people with bikes, wheels, and frames... but no tables

there were complete bikes and there were parts
lots of parts
a good assortment of parts
parts reasonably priced

the Bike SWAP had a light social feel to it
people were milling about
shopping... buying... socializing...

it had me thinking I would do well to get a table and sell some stuff

google it... check FACEBOOK
ask them to create a blog or have a page