THE DEBATE: Training Wheels Versus Push Bike

THE DEBATE: Training Wheels Versus Push Bike
The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition had an article on the topic
Balance Bikes Vs. Training Wheels

I posted this link and some words on FACEBOOK
the reaction was strong... like India vs. Pakistan or Bethesda vs. Rockville
it was amazing to see how the world stands divided on the PUSH BIKE VERSUS TRAINING WHEELS issue

The Push Bike... the Balance Bike... the Like-A-Bike came on the seen roughly around the time when my boys were getting into bikes
I investigated the topic... but could not find an affordable option
there was not a mass production model available in "the states"
I was able to find an assortment of options in Europe and maybe a righteously expensive option in the states... but nothing that was readily available

believe me I tried... believed me I considered it
but no... the opportunity did not present itself

so.... my boys went the classic training wheel route
there was some consideration of removing the pedals and cranks from a kid's bike
but alas... we were doing fine with the "old school" method of training wheels
my boys each loved riding their bikes with training wheels
then when the time came... each of my boys had the training wheels removed and were riding their two wheelers at an age younger than the norm

I had wanted the "push bike" as a transition tool
in my mind I saw that the bike was a series of variables.... pedaling, steering, braking, and balance
in the perfect world a child would have both the "push bike" and the training wheel bike

this gives me little knowledge on the topic
yet... I still have an opinion

in the end it is not this or that
it is really just an introduction for the child to the bicycle
either or
something that inspires

Gwadzilla mention of PUSH BIKES
Gwadzilla mention of Balance Bikes
this set of links bring up an assortment of topics... not all push or balance bike related
but random and fun just the same


1 comment:

camps said...

I am a fan of the push bikes
but we didn't have one for the availability reasons you mentioned

i've seen them work really well w/ friends

we used the "take one training wheel off" method for mine and a neighbor kid. they learned to balance, and would lean on the outrigger to rest when stopped or climbing. training wheels, whether one or two, can be kinda sketchy though on tight turns.

good to see the new availability and lower price of the scoot bikes now