the drop off and ride home routine has been going well... okay... the circumstances are unique

people should just try...

so... maybe riding to work is not an option for everyone
just as riding to school may not be an option for everyone

but... wait...
there are options
options to be creative
options that could involve the bike
options with that bike that could happen... these options could happen if people just TRIED
people need to try

just try...

people can mix bike and bus... just try and commute by bike and by bus
people can mix bike and subway...just try and commute by bike and by subway
the people in my immediate family mix the bike and the car... we tried and now we commute by bike and by car

there are options
our option of dropping the boys off at school three days a week with their bikes has been a great routine
we tried it... and it worked
we did not do it before... we are doing now

our idea is not entirely original
as I have seen other people and their options
it is true

there are others who have shown me that it does not have to be "all or none"

right now things are such that I have time in the afternoon to pick up my boys from school on the bike
and with the variables coming my way... I am trying to continue to keep this as our routine
we take what we can get... the ride TO school is not really an option
the ride TO school may be too hilly
that ride could be too hilly for me
which has me not sure how my six year old would respond to that ride
I have tried to initiate the "dry run"
still want to try a dry run to see what it takes
would like to know if it is possible

there has been some consideration of getting Grant on the lightweight BMX bike that Libbey and Chris loaned us
the lighter bike with the thinner tires may be a better climbing option for him
he has shown decent control with the hand brake
it may all be a matter of TRYING

so... as inconvenient as it may be in the mornings
as I load the car with kids and dog I also throw in the kids' bikes
the bikes hardly fit... but I have done it enough time so that I know how to make it work
it takes an extra minute... but it really does not take that much more time
maybe a minute thirty
carry the bikes out to the car... load the bikes in the back... then unload the bikes a few blocks from school
then the boys get sent ahead to ride without me.... they even lock the bike up themselves
as I walk with our neighbor's kid the three or four blocks from my car to school

we are loving the after school ride
the boys look forward to the after school ride
some of the after school rides take us directly home
while other rides are longer adventures
adventures on the sidewalks of Washington DC
down through Cleveland Park... on to Woodley Park... then off to Adams Morgan or Dupont

we have had snack brakes at Edible Arrangements with Cargo Mike downtown
we have chilled by the fountain at Malcolm X Park
all of this would never had happened if we did not TRY
we are glad we are doing this
we are glad we TRIED

I am thinking others see us and they are thinking of TRYING

our actions involving the after school ride is influencing the behavior of others
people have asked questions
people have show interest
a few more people have ridden their bikes to school after talking to me or after seeing my boys

the options take effort

people have to "try"
it is that classic "try it... you will like it" sort of scenario
some people will try it and never do it again
while others may try it and find their lives changed
there may be a few others that work hard to make the change but without the glorious epiphany that is the bicycle ride

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