a few shots of nothing... in and around Mount Pleasant

ah... the 42
I would select the bike over the bus any day
walking to the bus... waiting for the bus... sitting in the bus
on the bike you could be there already
more people need to understand that logic
I would love to get more people to "try" to ride the bike instead of riding the bus

it would be great if there was a "you need a bike... you got a bike" program
a program putting a bicycle into the hands of those who do not have bikes
I have seen this sort of situation change lives

the initial investment is not much... but it is enough of a barrier for some people

more and more people on bikes

16th Street... this road is chaos
the speeds on this road are dangerously fast
the cars are obnoxiously aggressive
there needs to be an effort to tone down the driving styles on 16th Street
the sidewalk is a popular option
but I feel there must be a greater resolve

yes... there are more bikes on the road on this day this year then there were on this day last year
the growth of the popularity of the bicycle as a transportation option is phenomenal

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