that is jack nicholson on he back

you should know that
if you did not know that
then you do not know jack

I bet dennis hopper was on more goul lists than gary coleman's

dennis hopper died this weekend past

dennis hopper's movies were a big part of my pop culture interests growing up

go down the list...
scroll down the Wiki Page for the low down on Dennis Hopper's film contributions... and yes... it goes beyond SPEED

bit part contributions in classic films like classic films like Cool Hand Luke or lesser known classics like River's Edge
each as much of every must see list as Apocalypse Now or Easy Rider
sure he may have played the same Bukowski-esque character in Hoosiers and Rumble Fish
but he played it well

thank you world being such to create the opportunity for dennis hopper to become the man he was
am I a better man for his work?
no... but I was well entertained

bravo... good show.