is it availability or is it what they are drawn to...

why are so many adult size Latino men riding child size bikes?

is it the culture?
it is what they are draw to?
is it what is available?
what is it?

sure... the bike would take up less space in the house-garage-or apartment
what is the logic here?
anyone have some answers?


rayslifecycle said...

BMX bikes are not necessarily child sized bikes. I am pretty sure these guys are not going to the skate park, dirt jumps or BMX track......but they may be and if so, shred away fellas. I ride a 20" BMX bike with a 21 1/4" long top tube that fits me perfect for that type of riding.

For these pics in particular, I think they are drawn to the 20" bike because it delivers a low rider style that can't be attained with 26, 29 or 700C wheels.

crs said...


Big Bikes said...

Maybe you could see if the police in Arizona would ask latino men why they are riding child-sized bikes:

"Now that I'm done racially profiling you...what is the deal with your little bike there son?"