last week I caught this same rider on this same bike sans child...

today as I rode with my two boys I ran into Dan and his son on their yard sale tandem
is the basket a post purchase customization
or did that come with the slightly used second hand rig?

if you don't ride that bike... pass that bike on to someone who does

right now I am trying to collect some bikes for a BIKE SWAP that I am trying to throw together as a side show at my kids' school block party

need to get some bikes by early June
anyone have any bikes to donate... complete bikes
focusing mainly on the kids
but also trying to get some bikes for adults
what is collecting dust in your garage or basement?

we gave away a 16 incher to a kid who had long since outgrown his 12 inch bike

does this take business away from bike shops?
no... it puts people on bikes
which brings business to bikes shops

bike riders need helmets, locks, lights, and of course repairs

email me if you have a bike or two you want to donate to the cause
gwadzilla 8 AT yahoo dot com
just like the link on the side of the page