Laurel Hills... sweet trails... close to home... but lots of ticks

Laurel Hill...
a sweet set of trails...
a sweet set of trails with one tiny risk...
a risk other than the standard risks of the bicycle...
one tiny tiny risk... that risk... ticks... tiny ticks
and yes... the ticks are tiny

yep... that is right... ticks
blood sucking ticks
lots and lots of blood sucking ticks
yes... ticks

there is a tick warning in the parking lot of Laurel Hills
that warning is a good alert

I had been wanting to post on the topic of Laurel Hills and Ticks
just a heads up really
a statement that the trails are well worth the trip for people in the DC Metro area

the trails are good for any of intensity rider

a network of trails that offers that great balance... a great place to go riding with your newbie biking friends or your newbie mountain bike riding girlfriend
also a good for the bicycle competent kid or the trail-a-bike comfortable parent
while also being a great set of trails for hammering with your fast and furious friends
... somewhat Rosaryville-esque in their flow and the "how fast can you rail it" challenge

but beware
ticks... there are ticks in them thar hills
and well
lyme disease is present in the diminutive deer tick
the deer tick is present in the wooded areas up and down the east coast

this is not a warning telling people not to go to Laurel Hill during tick season
this is just a heads up... when leaving Laurel Hill check for ticks
then when you get home... check for ticks again!

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