No Helmet... NO BIKE... a simple rule... no need for a law


that is the rule in my house
that is the rule for me... that is the rule for my family
my boys live by it
it is just the way things are

when the boys started riding their bikes they were taught to wear their helmets
as they continue to ride their bikes more and more
the rule stays the same
this rule is non-negotiable
this rule is not subject to change

crashes happen
crashing is part of being on the bike

my boys are so accustom to wearing helmets that they often go from the bike to playing another game or activity without removing their helmet
since all the kids wear helmets there is no peer pressure to be "cool" by riding helmetless
there is consistency here

Enforce the Helmet Law

in my not so wild wild youth I rode motorcycles
like any young male I rode fast and took lots of chances
on my helmet I had two stickers... LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES and HELMET LAWS SUCK!

my bike was loud... super loud... it was a hand me down from a friend who raced it at Summit Point... the exhaust had that snap crackle pop of the Kerker pipe
that and the slapping of a loose chain

the helmet was a law in DC but not in Maryland
but honestly... the law did not dictate whether or not I wore a helmet
I did not decide... oh... it is a nice day... I will ride without a helmet... or heck... I am going to get wild on these turns I best put my helmet on
no... if I got on my motorcycle I wore my helmet


personally I feel that people should "police" themselves
but sadly... there is no order... people are not good at managing their own behavior
if people lived by the rules of Common Sense and Common Courtesy there would be less need for laws and less need for police
but no... this is our world
and well
we need laws and we need police

but to what point?

I do not have my kids wear a bicycle helmet because of a law
it is just what they do
it is not a matter of telling my children that they need to wear a helmet because of a Helmet Law
they are told to wear a helmet to prevent head injury

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riding a bicycle is potentially dangerous
and well
if you are a young kid and you are going for it
you will only learn your limits by pushing your limits
when pushing your personal limits you risk crashing
crashing risks injury
a helmet lessens the risks to a certain degree

sadly... the dangers are greater than a kid hitting the pavement
the dangers may be more than a Styrofoam helmet can protect against

Safety is Sexy

Bike Stats

Helmets are not just on the bike
when we go skiing or sledding