okay... I thought they were all dirty

I have not been waiting for the falling house of cards
it is not that important to me
but... I have expected there to be a revealing moment

floyd landis... tyler hamilton... go down the list
it was my feeling all along that they were all dirty
when lance was under the scrutiny of the french eye... I thought that he was speaking a bit Clinton-eque
as if there is an understood level to which people are allowed to bend the rules
that "level playing field" a brotherhood of liars

someone gather a list of those that raced close to lance... then give me a list of those racers who have tested positive for doping

not guilt through association
more like birds of a feather
or is that birds of ferrari?
they do fly... do they fly high?

dopers suck
it is cheating... it is stealing...

now I feel less bad about not getting Landis a beer at the Shenandoah Mountain 100 a few years back when I stood at the keg and he leaned over with his glass

do I think less of him?
for knowing that he cheated?
hmmm.... it is still a complex situation
do I think less of him for rolling over on his brothers?
I still need to figure this out

it is complicated
I am not so sure I know enough about it