ouch... I hate to hear this

cyclist down...

a cyclist perhaps better known for his bicycle art than his cycling itself was involved in an accident today

earlier today artist Kevin Nierman collided with a deer on his morning commute
in this collision Kevin broke his elbow and is going to have to have surgery


surgery is the new way...
modern medicine is quick with the knife
that is our new way of active healing instead of a passive recovery
I still have mixed feelings about "the new way"
that said... I have been "under the knife" more than most people you know

hopefully Kevin heals up quickly!
take care Kevin!
sorry to hear about this
glad it was not worse



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Crashmore said...

I was given the choice when I broke my hand in my bike accident a few years back. I opted for surgery as I wanted my hand back to full functionality as quick as possible. My wife was not happy that I chose to go under the knife rather than let it heal. I'm happy with the results and decision scars and all.