some gray in his beard

some gray...
just a touch of gray
that gray in his beard is a sign of his age
he is a good dog
but that dog is getting old
that dog is not as young as he once was
the gray is not the worst of it

a package came in the mail today
it was from Twin Six
my younger son Grant brought it to me with excitement
I opened it with excitement
packages come to the house all the time
seldom are the packages for me

a few months back there was a list of top Bicycle Blogs
the guys at Twin Six thought they would show their appreciation to the bloggers for their effort by hooking them up with some gear
I was on that list
which had an email asking me for my snail mail address and my shirt size
I was stoked

when I opened the package I was super stoked
initially I had expected a jersey... fearing that their largest size would not fit my Yeti build
but no... there were two t-shirts
not one... but two t-shirts
two sweet t-shirts

not only cool bicycle themed screens
but a t-shirt that looks and feels good
this is no crap shirt
this is a t that feels good on the body

check out their stuff

Twin Six may have something that you are looking for
I really like the feel of these shirts
they feel good and they look good
my son Grant thought the green shirt was super cool

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the original big ring said...

which dog laying on the floor you talking about? both have grey.

i miss my jackie-boy

life is certainly not the same without him