some Gwadzilla Photos from the 2010 Bike To Work Day in Washington DC

Bike To Work Day 2010 in Washington DC

a handful of photos from the 2010 Bike To Work Day festivities at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC

it was a good gathering
the numbers were high
it was great to see so many people on bikes
it was great to see so many familiar faces and old friends

the man with the Xtracycle is my old buddy Steve
it has been too long since I have chased Steve's back wheel in the woods
we need to get out and ride
we need to make that happen
maybe a night ride

this shot of Steve at Freedom Plaza would do well on the Xtracycle Gallery
a double shot
Ron Green and Anna Kelso


a handful of images of Ron Green
different seasons but always smiling
we could all learn a thing or two from Ron Green

Glenn of WABA getting out the word

not sure how he broke his foot
but I love how he did not skip a beat and got on a hand bike

we spoke for a second
he made mention of some association with Potomac Pedalers

this reminds me... I need to get some information on hand bikes for kids
there is a kid in my son's class that may enjoy the freedom of the bike
he is mobile in his rolling walker
but I bet he would really love the hand bike
if and only if... and there are a set of "ifs"

if he has the coordination and strength to handle the a hand bike safely
if they make hand bikes in children sizes
if there is a handbike available for him as I am sure they are righteously expensive (hmmm.... donation? hand-me-down donation?)

people had to take their calls
I wonder if they are talking about bikes
I wonder if those two people are talking to each other
not sure if it was work... but it was getting close to the start of the day for most people at Bike to Work Day
the event is a great start to the day
but... to the work place it is just another day
so... those biking to work had to take the calls and then get into the office

WABA: Washington Area Bike-Bicyclist-Biker-Bison Association

Niki of Hub Racing rolling into Freedom Plaza

Gwadzilla in the reflection of this man's glasses
we talked about bikes
he reps for a number of super solid bicycle companies
his shirt says Fuji but I think that they raffled off some Breezers

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