this is not a current photo... but I stumbled upon it and thought I would share again


Unknown said...

Hey Joel- what was your PP workflow on this photo?

Unknown said...

Hey, Joel- what was your PP workflow for this photo?

gwadzilla said...

it was simple...

I took multiple digital photographs from the same perspective with Grant in different spots

then in Photoshop I opened all the photographs

I selected one as the background
using the LASSO TOOL with a FEATHERED edge I circled GRANT

then cut and pasted that image of GRANT onto the BACKGROUND PHOTO

to get things in place I alter the opacity of the PASTED IMAGE so that I am sure it lines up nicely

repeated that for each image of Grant

it takes a few minutes
my guess... technology is such that there is a button to push that does the same process

more similar efforts


Cycle Jerk said...

too bad you couldn't just photoshop the air back in your tire. he he