Tweaks to the Bike Lanes

Tweaks to the Bike Lanes

this is true...
Bike Lanes have to be more than throwing some paint on the road
there need to be adjustments
there needs to be thought to the effectiveness or the ineffectiveness of the bike lane efforts
in so many cases it seems like there is an effort to have the stripes for the Bike Lanes put on the road... then it is all forgotten

it should be an evolution

it is not as simple as striping the lanes and calling it a day
this project is not finished
there should be an assessment of the effectiveness
there should be a follow up to see how the cars and bikes are responding to the changes
what is working... what is not working... and what needs to be done to make things better

several years ago I spearheaded a TRAFFIC CALMING EFFORT on my city block here in Mount Pleasant
knowing that this street was a logical location for Bike Lanes I pushed for Bike Lanes
early in my efforts I learned that this block was already on the city's Master Plan and bike lanes were slated for this block
so... I pushed for Bike Lanes to happen sooner rather than later

Jim Graham... Jim Sebastian... and others responded

there was some discussion...
people met on the block to access the situation
council members... DDOT representatives... DC Police... Eric of WABA... MikeK then of City Bikes, and a handful of representatives of the bicycle community

I had big ideas... ideas a little more than just the bike lanes in the door zone
but no... they were not looking for big ideas... they were there to make the bike lanes happen
which they did... the lanes were put down in a less then logical manner
I was pleased with what was done... even if the efforts were less than perfect
something was better than nothing

after the lanes were there there was no more discussion
I am not sure if the city ever took a glance at the effectiveness of the changes
there should be an assessment
the lanes should have been the first step in an evolution to safer streets

BIKE BOXES at some intersections
PAINT THE BIKE LANES a different color
in this case... there are a number of things that could be done


consult the people on what is working and what is not working

the block continued to meet years later on the topic of Traffic Calming
it was interesting... the people who opposed the Bike Lanes for bike sake embraced them as a Traffic Calming Effort
as a father with young children I see the street in front of my house as a hazard
a street in great need of some TRAFFIC CALMING
our block met with DC DOT representatives
we got things to a point.... and now everything is halted

DOT needs to connect the DOTS

consult the residents... find out the danger zones... make those areas more safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and well... those in the metal cages as well
it we fix the trouble spots

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