Where do I stand on the Purple Line and the Capital Crescent Trail?

Where do I stand on the PURPLE LINE and the Capital Crescent Trail?

it is not THIS OR THAT
it does not have to be ALL OR NONE
there is room for it all
there needs to be some compromise
but where do I stand?

am I for or against the Purple Line?
does it have to be a FOR OR AGAINST the Purple Line?

well... I do not want to lose The Capital Crescent Trail
the people should not want to lose The Capital Crescent Trail
this is a case where LESS IS NOT MORE
we need more trail and not less trail

so... what about this PURPLE LINE?

why there? okay... I can see why... but why not down East West Highway
why not down the center of East-West Highway? because of the Connecticut Avenue Intersection?
they will have to cross Conn. Ave. over by City Bikes in Chevy Chase
so... if you need to bridge or tunnel it over here... well... you could just bridge or tunnel it over there

really now... I am in full agreement that we need to break our car dependency
but at what expense... why not narrow the car lanes on East West Highway
that would calm traffic so that cars would more the speeds that they are intended to move on that stretch of road
taking away the trail... disrupting the bike trail experience...
putting children at risk by putting the rail near the multi-use trail
while the cars and the train could dance together so nicely

what are the options?
who is stepping to the plate here?
who is representing the best interest of the cyclist and the future of cycling in the area?

okay... it is not important where I am on this discussion
but... Where is WABA on this topic? How involved is WABA?
am I bringing up WABA because they did not give me an interview?
no... I am bringing up WABA because it is my understanding that WABA should be representing the best interests of the cyclists in the area... that WABA needs to be working for the future of cycling in the area

so... Where is WABA on this? What is their stance? What is their involvement?
perhaps I should check their site and then also the WASHCYCLE
okay... I do not have the time or the attention to research the WABA position on this
perhaps another time
or better yet a cut and paste in the comment section could offer some answers for me and a few interested readers

while on WABA and the Capital Crescent Trail...
last year the Capital Crescent Trail was pretty much ignored during our snow storms
where is WABA on this? where was WABA on this?
what has WABA done in preparation for the winter of next year and the following years when pertaining to snow on the Capital Crescent Trail?

Save The Trail dog org has a petition

Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail

Gwadzilla mention of the Capital Crescent Trail
I love the Capital Crescent Trail... I ride my bike on that trail all the time... not enough... but often
as a child I played on sections of the trail when it still had train tracks and running trains
I have witnessed its evolution into the Rails to Trails project
I would hate to see a de-evolution of the trail

awesome train photo from here

Rails to Trails dot org


Jeff said...


Save the Trail is a front for a small group of residents who's property is adjacent to the proposed Purple Line. Don't be fooled by their rhetoric, they don't support completing the trail and were likely part of the group to impose rumble strips and speed limits on the existing CCT.

Cue a Pam Browning spam/rant in 3...2...1...

gwadzilla said...


appreciate it.

I knew I could count on you.
and I am playing that straight
thanks for contributing to the conversation

time for a cut and paste
time for a quick google

Cactus said...

It is difficult to understand why Jeff would think that "Save the Trail" is a "front" for a "small" group of "residents who's [sic] property is adjacent to the proposed Purple Line."
I am totally opposed to having the canopy of trees razed and the trail taken over by an expensive piece of redundant transportation. I live 6 to 8 miles away (that's meandering miles, from the area just south of White Flint)--not exactly contiguous--you can't accuse me of narrowly safeguarding my personal property interests. I run to and on the trail very often. So do hundreds of runners from local running clubs, some of whom live in PG County, some in Potomac, some in upper Montgomery County. We are not against intelligent forms of public transportation. We just want to preserve a beautiful, quiet, shaded, fabulous trail.