can car drivers learn to behave?

I ask the question...
can drivers learn to behave?

there are situations where I have seen changed behavior...
red light cameras... bring people who are cognizant of the device to a complete stop
speeding cameras... guide the masses to slow down to the actual speed limit... until of course out of view of the camera

then there is also a more interesting one... a device that is a little more complicated

on Porter Street in Northwest Washington DC there is a speeding camera that measures the vehicle speed...
and if that person is speeding
then mid-block there is a red light

this changes behavior
as in the other cases with the other devices.... the driver "learn" to behave in that space in that time
but... since this is a little more complicated device which alerts the driver to be aware of their speed
with measures both on their speedometer and on the speed camera itself
perhaps inviting the driver to be an active participant in the driving process

comparing the speeds.... the speed they are going versus the actual speed limit

it is wonderful
just as in the cases of the other devices... this device changes behavior
but the real question
are the car drivers evolved enough to transpose what they learned here to other driving situations

does the driver realize that their unsafe speed versus the actual speed limit bring them to their destination at pretty much the same time?

I had a rant a few years ago that I like to REPOST
I think that this would be a good PSA for the DDOT or even DOT as a whole to pick up
our competitive society loves a challenge

can drivers learn to behave?
for pedestrians and cyclists to survive... we are dependent upon car drivers evolving
which means... when we are car drivers... we need to behave

oh... that speeding camera with the red light mid block... it also punishes the cars behind the speeding car
in fact... the speeding car usually speeds right through the mid block red light
then the next car... that may or may not have been speeding
gets stuck behind the mid block red light

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