a few shots from a quick spin before meeting the family at the pool on sunday

The Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda where it dips under Wisconsin Avenue

I used to walk through this tunnel on my way walking to school and home when I was a kid
there were still train tracks going through there
there was a train still running through there

I have many suburban tom saywer huck finn memories from those train tracks, that tunnel, and the train itself

it was a different place in a different time
a very different place in a very different time

the air rights building

on rainy or cold morning I would sometimes weave my way through the Air Rights Building
at one point there was a set of weird additions set up such that I could cover several blocks indoors
that shortcut may not have been quicker
but it could be warmer and dryer

normally I felt like I was cutting through some place I shouldn't neccessarily be
later there were video games and a record store that justified my cut through

and Beach Drive
I am not sure if Beach Drive has changed much
but... I am certain there is someone who could point out how Beach Drive has changed over the years

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