the gwadzilla page is always evolving...

how long have you been following the gwadzilla page?

have you ever scanned the gwadzilla archives?
have you ever gone back to the beginning of gwadzilla?

what do you look for in gwadzilla?
are you someone who like the rants or are you someone who just likes the images?
are the links of value to you?
do you chase the links or watch the videos?

the gwadzilla page is ever changing
in an effort to find some information I did the classic GOOGLE

unable to find what I was looking for... I did a search on the gwadzilla page
did not find what I was looking for as I got distracted
it is easy to lose yourself in the randomness of it all

this archive came up
Gwadzilla November 2005
if you have never used the BLOGGER SEARCH option on the blogs
give it a shot
I am too lazy to use tags
so... I sometimes scan the information on my page by using the search feature in the upper left hand corner of the page

it can deliver some good stuff

ah... the photos have changed... the photo style has changed
the words have changed
the writing style has changed
some change for the better
some change just change

it is quite an impressive effort
a grandiose collection of bicycle fluff

funny for me to review the archives
for me there are many memories that come to surface

the blog is an electronic chronicle of certain aspects of my life

things I see
things I have done
ideas that pass through my head

it is more for me than for you
yet I hope you enjoy it just the same

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