I do not always snap the shutter so many times

scroll down for the rest of the shots snapped and we rolled down Mount Pleasant Street

a week or so earlier
I caught her when I was on foot
these shots are being snapped on the move

there are a good number of dog walkers that use the bicycle during their work day
there is a company of dog walkers that only do their dog walking routes by bike
others gather dogs in cars or vans and take those dogs to various parks
I am not sure who she works for
I do know that she is a dog walker
or at least that is what I surmised from our exchange

there was mention of a wheaton terrier and some aggressiveness
a close look reveals a hole in the shit and some Sponge Bob bandaids

the industry of "dog walkers" did not exist until recently
well... not on this scale
I would have liked to have worked as a dog walker

not sure if I posted the photo from the other day

I would not mind trying to snap some photos of dog walkers on the move
it is an interesting subculture

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