just watched an episode of LIFE on Animal Planet

just watched an episode of LIFE on Animal Planet
well... actually I watched the last few minutes
but I have seen it before
which made it fine to slip in for just the last few minutes
some shows are great like that
Road House with Patrick Swayze was like that
LIFE and its amazing images is like that

waiting for ESPN2's World Cup Prime Time
I am so slack and can not get the game live as a priority
but baseball... baseball is running long
which has me watching more Animal Planet

some show about some sort of whale saving pirates
it is interesting... I am enjoying it... but I really want to catch some highlights of today's games

baseball... baseball... baseball
the family had a grand time at National's stadium to see Strausburgh's first night of pitching
it was something beautiful to watch
but... that is enough baseball for me

let me estimate how much longer to this baseball game?

still on this anti whaler sea shepard show
very interesting
definitely more interesting to me than baseball on tv

soccer... I mean... futbol