the Mount Pleasant Bike Swap

this Saturday past Ben West organized another Bike Swap to coordinate with his Farmer's Market Bicycle Clinic
I only breezed by
it looked small

I did not access the quality or quantity of product for sale
I only stalled long enough to snap a few photographs

I passed on my way to meet the family at the PG Pool as guests of a neighbor
only to arrive and discover that my wife lisa managed to pack dinner for the family, goggles, towels, swim trunks, and other pool fun
but no trunks for me
so... I was given the excuse for more riding

I enjoyed the excuse
I needed some time on the bike

saturday afternoon I zig zagged across DC across the line to the PG pool
witnessing all sorts of American culture with yard sales and bbqs displaying themselves along the way

the route there was different than the return route to grab the swim suit

although both paths did involve a pass past Lamont Park

things were a little more busy at the Mount Pleasant Bike Swap
yet still a little thin

perhaps a less frequent presence is the business model
or... it was just an untimely weekend for a bike swap

what was going to be a simple ride to the pool... a swim with the family... then a ride back
turned out to be a little more
adding once more out and back

ah... The PG Pool
a wonderful slice of America
DC at its best