oh... I never said it... Happy Memorial Day... thanks to all that gave for this country

this is andy
andy lost his leg in iraq

a better photographer would have taken this shot from the other side
not a bad shot
but not a good shot of the prosthetic limb
I guess there is some poignancy to this
most people just see a man on the bike
most people more than likely do not notice the additional carbon fiber and titanium

people could learn a great deal from andy
when I say people... I mean me
I could do to learn a great deal from andy

andy is not bitter
andy is not angry
andy does not have a chip on his shoulder
andy does not appear to have any regrets

ask andy and andy will tell you
"they did not kill me"

I do not know andy
it was a pleasure meeting him
he is just a man... maybe just a boy
a boy of 25... no... a man at 25
a young man with a fine appreciation of life

andy was riding that bike fixed with a time cleat attached to the artificial limb
in his pack was another artificial limb... more than likely a walking leg
not sure if he has a different apparatus for running and walking

no helmet