STEALTH TRAINING... and good dad time

Tyler of DCMTB

the bike trailer... good for all involved

the person pulling the trailer gets an awesome work out
the other parent gets a break from the spouse and child
the passenger in the trailer gets to experience things in their own little self contained world

my boys would fall asleep in the first ten minutes
then wake to snacks, toys, and books
I miss the trailer and the fitness of the trailer
riding with my boys is not the workout that it once was

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dcdouglas said...

I've been riding my blue Surly Big Dummy/Xtracycle for over a year now (both with- and without kids on the back). After the bike morphed into my daily go-to set of wheels, I soon discovered the added benefit of hauling that much bike (and stuff) around regularly. When I return to my flat-bar road bike (Jamis Coda), I'm really, really fast.

Since I've also experienced a long period pulling a similar double-kid trailer as the one shown, I can attest that the trailer's wind profile/wind resistance provides an added training benefit as well.