those pillars

this is lamont park
those pillars are a part of the character of that park
the pillars and the ramp up to the stage

I know the artist that designed and built those pillars
it was Hester Nelson
I did not know Hester well... when I lived in Columbia Heights many decades ago I got to know Hester through a friend of a friend

being who I am I would stop by Hester's studio and hung out
we would hang out while she worked

sometimes I would play with clay
Hester fired some of my stuff
I never glazed it or picked it up
it was fun to hang out and play with clay

I can recall some fish shaped stepping stones that I made for my father for father's day but never picked up
never glazed... never picked up...

Hester died behind the wheel driving her car in Rock Creek Park
the specifics are a blur
I can not recall exactly what happened
I was not there... I can not recall the news clippings I read after it happened
but I do know that Hester died in a car accident in Rock Creek Park

I can remember having a good time hanging out and just shooting the shit with Hester
she loved and hated those pillars
well... not those pillars in lamont park.... but the pillars as a whole

this is all opinion... conjecture... an irrefutable discussion that I had with a person who can not longer retell their side of the story
Hester dwas an artist.... then the pillars... she felt that they were cool at first
then the pillars were a job and not creation
pillars to order
pillars for customers sake and not for art sake
pillars on demand

or so I recall... what do I know... we only hung with Hester out from time to time when I lived around the corner from her studio
me on Girard and her studio on Fairmont
if I remember correctly

we did not see each other for years
then I heard she died
it has been years since the death of Hester

to me... well... it is not so significant
to others... hester's mother...
hester's father... hester's siblings?
then... lovers? friends?
more sadness

there is sadness felt each day
I know I miss my friends who died before their time
the pillars still stand
the memories still remain


Anonymous said...

I knew Hester also. I even have her obituary from the Washington Post. I have been to her studio and attended one of her art shows. We even skated one night after beers. I remember hearing the news of her death from my then girlfriend Alice one afternoon while visiting Alice in Petworth. I miss Hester...I really liked Hester.

gwadzilla said...

I like that shot
the shadow from the pillars
then how it acts as a gateway

I tend to approach that park from Lamont
so I miss the gateway
but seeing this perspective
I may head in through the pillars more often
or at least exit through them
and be conscious of it when it happens

I am certain many people miss Hester

life plays itself out in an ugly fashion from time to time

we need to appreciate life and each other more