around the corner from the Wilson Center

the other day I was running an errand
when I run errands up on Mount Pleasant Street I usually bring my camera
when I do not bring my camera I regret not having my camera

it is not always jousting tall bikes
but it is usually a fantastic photo opportunity missed if I do not have the camera
here I would have like to have a bicycle pass in the background
waiting trying to create that shot... no dice rock slice
had I waited longer it would have certainly happened
I waited... but not long enough

I still like the shot

listening to Pandora Radio
created an AGENT ORANGE station
went that way after my RAMONES station brought up the DEAD KENNEDYS
a seriously good set of tangents
back to the MISFITS

I bet the majority of those bands played in the basement at the Wilson Center
I know I was at a Circle Jerks Show there
saw Agent Orange at the old 9:30 club
Minor Threat at the Landsburgh Culture Center
so... maybe not
but I went to many shows at the Wilson Center
not just Fugazi... but predating that with Rites of Spring... then earlier than that lots of Government Issue.. Iron Cross... HR... Beefeater... then more Government Issue and more Iron Cross

so often I only got to stay for one or two songs of the headlining band from out of town
with a midnight curfew it was tough to catch the main event
which was fine... the local stuff was higher in my rotation than the other stuff

FANTASTIC TANGENTS with a search on GWADZILLA for American Hardcore!
and with that Pandora brought up FEAR

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