Hit and Run... I have been the victim of Hit and Run when on the bike more than once...

it is that simple

story about a Hit and Run in Florida

people fall short of "doing the right thing"
the time of leaving a note when scratching someone's car in the parking lot seems to be behind us
I have witnessed more than once the car driver access the damage to their car then the other... only to flee the scene after checking to see that the coast is clear

yes... I have on these occasions taken it upon my self to watch this all unfold
writing down the plate of the negligent driver
then leaving a note myself
I do not like the position of Whistle Blower... that is not my style
but... at times... it seems like the right thing to do

one case... I checked a note that was left by a negligent driver and it said nothing.. the paper was blank
the person was weary of someone watching
like the person who feigns picking their dog's poop
yes... someone was watching
not sure if the victim of the negligent driver ever made contact with the Hit and Run Asshole

but scratching a car is not the same as hitting a person
who raised these people?
who are these drivers who run over another human being then go about their day?

what is wrong with people that they could be so concerned for themselves that they have no respect for human life?

I have been run off the road intentionally
I have been hit accidentally
I have been laid out on the ground dazed only to regain my focus and witness the car fleeing the scene
on several occasions I chased the car that hit me... never did I catch them

what would I have done had I caught these people?
what would be an acceptable response?

one one rainy day I was cut off on my bicycle and found myself sliding across the hood of a woman's car just south of Dupont Circle
she was good enough to stop... I was pretty much okay... my bike was a little scratched up... the front wheel was a little out of true
when she wrote down her information I tried to track her down
the information that she passed off to me was false
she played me... she had acted as if she was a stand up person... when she was not

the game of show and tell could go on
in my long life of riding a bike I have had more incidents than I care to recall

everyday I read GOOGLE ALERTS about bicycles and bicycle related incidents
there are daily news feeds on HIT AND RUN incidents
the number of children killed angers and saddens me
the unnecessary death brings me pain
then the asshole fleeing the scene brings me anger
there is no justice for such action

people in their cars need to SLOW DOWN
the way people drive amazes me
it shocks me that here are not MORE accidents each day
seldom do people make complete stops at stop signs and stop lines
with the increasing bicycle population the car driving styles need to be modified
cars exiting parking lots, alleys, and driveways need to start to anticipate pedestrian and bicycle traffic

people need to understand their contribution to the WORST CASE SCENARIO
these so called "accidents" can be avoided

a rant about what I believe to be the debatable use of the word ACCIDENT