love your friends and family while they are walking with the living

Julio Ortega
a man from Salvador that lived the American dream

many people in both american countries will miss this man
a huge void has been created now that Julio is gone

unexpected... Julio died this week
kidney failure
Julio was not without health issues
but this was still very unexpected

Julio will be missed by many
from what I could tell Julio was a friend to all who knew him
I knew him for many years
we worked together for nearly every day for what may have been more than a decade

my heart goes out to all of Julio's friends and family... of which there are many
I know you will miss him
I miss him already

Julio had a great story
sorry it ended so soon
really... Julio's story was cut short
his life was full
already a grandfather at 48
but 48 is too young to die

rest in peace Julio
rest in peace