Mobile City Number Seven

yesterday was a full day...

the usual Saturday Soccer madness
two boys... two games
luckily the schedule was such that I was able to attend both games
coaching my younger son at Carter Baron then cheering for my older son at Fort Reno

then in the afternoon there was a MOBILE CITY release party
Mobile City has issued their 7th art magazine

the gathering was an afternoon into evening of readings... remembrances... and refreshments
just as it was stated on the FACEBOOK invite

my visit was short as I was double booked

I breezed through and snapped some photos after I grabbed a copy of the most recent Mobile City release
... Lucky Number Seven!

there were no refreshments for me
I vacated as the reading started
as I had plans to attend a different remembrance

as I am sure there was going to be a mention of Leo Seferlis
I was on my way to the 9:30 Club for a remembrance of Josh Bennett who also died this year
chances are Leo and Josh's lives crossed paths
standing in the same room
hanging with the same circles of people
punk shows and working as a messenger
they most certainly had a union or an intersection of one sort of another

it felt rude leaving right as the readings started
but after realizing the time I noticed I was already late
late for a gathering which would serve as not only a remembrance of an old friend but also my 11th Wedding Anniversary

it was a good day
glad I was able to support the arts and gather with friends
at both gatherings I was not able to connect wiht all in attendance
even at small gatherings it is tough to make it though the room

good to see friends
good to celebrate life

support the arts... support Mobile City
Mobile City
support local businesses
Core Haus: A Contemporary Design Gallery