Mariachi Bands in Mount Pleasant
years ago when I lived on the coveted 1700 Block of Lamont Street I felt as if the neighborhood would do well to have a MARIACHI CROSSING sign up by Lamont Park over by Don Juan's

just up the block from my house I could see what seemed to be a parade of men in skin tight black pants
some with a large black hat in one hand and a large guitar in the other
okay... some of them wore their large black sombreros with their ornate steel buttons and carried a small instrument that looks like a mini guitar

then it stopped

well... that problem got resolved (sarcasm)
community activism worked to remove music from Mount Pleasant
fear of Mount Pleasant turning into the next Adams Morgan

there were forces that fought growth, prosperity, and culture on the Mount Pleasant main street

as the rest of the city prospered Mount Pleasant stagnated

a few spots opened up fulling both community need and someone's American Dream but... many places remained vacant as the various powers that be refused liquor licenses and such from various proprietors

well... the healthy growth boom all over the city missed Mount Pleasant
the recession is openly visible on Mount Pleasant Street

lots of vacant store fronts
instead o f a multitude of shopping and eating options
there are laudra-mats and calling card stores
all when there could be more

the Mount Pleasant Market which was more than a bodega has been vacant for years

in this economy... it is unlikely for anyone to take a chance on a neighborhood that was not willing to gi
ve businesses a chance when they wanted one

things were good

but not now
it is not a good time to chase that American Dream


just as there was a fight to keep the music out of Mount Pleasant
there was also always a fight to keep music in Mount Pleasant
although I am not a regular at the bars or restaurants that host the mariachi music
I still would love to see it come back as part of the neighborhood culture

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