Old School Hardware in Mount Pleasant here in Washington DC


the hardware store in Mount Pleasant has gone through an evolution

it is hard to recall its humble beginnings
or at least its last decade and a half of evolution

at one time this location was some sort of electronics repair store
it was pretty funky
looked like a shop that Fred Sanford may have hung out at
there were all sorts of old black and white televisions... long before the day of the flatscreen
stacks of broken video tape recorders... many of which may have been Beta
my embellishment will stop here
but that maybe an accurate depiction even if it less than literal

not sure what happened... was it time to retire... was it a failing business
all I know is a new owner tried to upgrade things
keeping it a electronic repair store but adding computer repair
somewhat early in the computer thing he tried to expand things to meet the growing popularity of computers

everything was pretty rough around the edges
not sure of the success of that store either
the computers may not have brought in enough attention so the space became part computer repair and part hardware store

well... you can imagine
this store may not have served your computer or you hardware needs

then it happened again... the store changed hands... becoming more of a hardware store
dropping the computer repair
then changing hands again
each time improving
yet each time falling short of the mark

too many times I wend for lawn and leaf bags in the fall or a shovel and salt in the winter
only to find that they were out of stock


frustration took my business elsewhere
a number of second chances all ways added up to more anger and repeated frustration
walking the neighborhood hardware store usually ended up to be longer walk to the Columbia Heights Target or walking home to get in my car and drive to Home Depot

well... the hardware store has taken on a new owner and a new name

with the new name came an evolution to the next level
the shop is better organized with a bigger stock
things are in stock
things are on the shelf

the staff is pretty much the same... which works
these are some of the helpful people from various incarnations of the Mount Pleasant Hardware store... Old School hardware

and ya know what... THINGS CAN BE ORDERED
okay... from previous incarnation things could have been ordered as well
but again... things can be ordered
but so much is already in stock

the utilitarian cyclist in me loved seeing the bicycle section
good thinking!

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