RUN JOE RUN! Joe Dombrowski at DCCX

Joe Dombrowski
this kid is amazing
remember this name

this weekend at DCCX I got to chat with Joe
to be this young and this strong and yet so humble
it is inspiring

I heard that Jeremiah Bishop is his coach

this kid is calm, cool, and collected

Jared Nieters of Haymarket Cycles also passes down a fine example of how to behave on the bike
it was awesome to see Jared race in the single speed race then join in on the fun in the tandem event


steevo said...

I hang out with him and seriously forget that he is only 19. Its weird. He is mature and witty and sarcastic. Good kid for sure. I am saving photos of podiums where I am higher than him to show to people in five years.

gwadzilla said...

great interview on INTO THE CROSSHAIRS