Soft Focus

Kira of Black Flag
just like girls like boys in bands
boys like girls in bands
it is stupid
it is superficial
but there is something in our wiring

Soft Focus with Ian Svenonius

I saws Black Flag at the Pearce Hall Show that Ian mentions here
in fact... I have a scar on the back of my head from where Henry kicked me in the back of the head while I was doing a stage dive... or so I was told... it was a moment of energy

when Henry talks about the energy of the performance and the people in the crowd experiencing it
I think he is talking about moments like that moment

I totally dug Black Flag when I was a teenager... it spoke to me

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gwadzilla said...

I can remember all sorts of madness in the mosh pit...

the opening act came on NUDE
they had nothing but cock rings and instruments

they got everyone amped
people were spitting and throwing stuff at them

then Black Flag came on
everyone was already properly primed

at one point in the show I took a break from the pit
I saw some younger Bethesda boys
I got behind them and pushed them towards the pit
Ian MacKaye got pushed in the momentum
he pushed back
it was a funny little moment of childish hilarity