taking photos

yesterday I went for a quick spin
took a ride on the urban single speed around THE RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY
did not want to get caught up in the sea of people
which was fine
my approach was pretty much around the time of the rally's end

there had been consideration to ride the bikes down to the rally with the family
but having taken the boys for a ride over 12 miles after a half day of school on Thursday I did not think that I would be able to enlist my six year old in another long ride
a ride that long for a six year old is like a kid century

so... after a morning of soccer and an afternoon of finishing up Halloween costumes I threw my leg over a bike and rolled down to the mall

I snapped some photos
but more of bikes than masses of people
there could have been a documentation of cool signs

but I left that photo project for others

I did enjoy snapping photos of people snapping photos
in fact
I managed to snap a photo of a person snapping a photo of me snapping a photo of them
then also I was able to take a photo of someone taking a photo while I rode through their field of view thus causing me to take a photo of someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo of me

very fun

these photos were all taken within minutes of each other as I came off the 14th Street Bridge after riding the Mount Vernon Trail from Georgetown
pretty much the same route I took the boys on days prior

lots of bike traffic

time is slipping away
I think I will throw my bike on the car and head out to the trails
it has been too long since I have been on dirt

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