went to Cox Farm this weekend

there is no race report from this weekend past
there could be a write up from the family bike ride in Rock Creek Park
I took some photos... I am not sure if I have words
it was the standard affair
although I had the desire to take the kids mountain biking... Grant objected to the idea of putting the bikes on the car
there was the desire drive to Bethesda and have the boys ride the Capital Crescent Trail on the slight grade downhill towards Georgetown
but the objection to loading the bikes on the car seemed rational
just as there are sections of Rock Creek Park-Beach Drive closed on weekends... these same stretches of road are closed on Holidays as well

it was Columbus Day Weekend... a three day weekend

this weekend we went to Cox Farm
it is a family fall tradition for us to go to the Fall Festival at Cox Farm
last year we did not go to Cox Farm
sometimes... if you do not make things happen
well... then those things just do not happen

so this year... we made it happen

we went out to Cox Farm

there was the thought of heading there on Saturday after the boys finished their early morning soccer games

but instead... we decided to head over there Sunday
as we would be able to get out of the house early
so that we could arrive when the gates to Cox Farm open

just as the crowds start to arrive
before the madness begins

a sleep over with some boys from down the block had my boys up way late
which of course... well... effected my effort to get a good nights sleep
or at least my evening
as my evening was spent telling four boys to go to sleep and stop messing around
that instruction was issued each 15-20 minutes
that instruction was ignored

this late evening sleep over had us a little slow out of the gate
we arrived by 11... but it would have been nice to get there at 10

never for a second did I thing that our trip to Cox Farm would be an original thought
after all... it was a beautiful fall day
what better family adventure in fall in the dc area than Cox Farm?

it was not really that crowded
there were lines and lots of people
it was not like it was festival crowded

but really... it would be more fun without all those other people

the day was a day well spent
we drove up in tandem with another family from our block

our boys teamed up with their boys for an all out assault on Cox Farm
there was kettle corn and plexi-glass slides

we got to pet goats and go on a fun but now quite predictable hay ride

it was a day that was sponsored by VISA
well... not exactly sponsored by VISA
but this day would not have happened without VISA
not that it was crazy expensive... it is not like it was cheap

the large bag of kettle corn was nine bucks
and well
the bails of hay were also nine bucks
lunch was

I had fun watching my boys and their friends have fun

but really
it is getting to the point where dad is nothing more than the guy driving the car

as the boys get older it is not like they need to sit in my lap

they just need me to drive them there and pick up the tab
well... not really

we had fun
they are not so jaded as to chase me away yet

as I walked the grounds of Cox Farm I could not help but think... it is sunday in fall... people are racing their cyclocross bikes
then I day dreamed
how awesome would it be for them to host a cyclocross race at Cox Farms?

the hills... the corn fields...
the stream crossing could be a little much
but they could most certainly make a fantastic putt putt style cyclocross course!
who could make that happen?
what team is in that area that could make that connection?

Cox Farm