everyone has seen this film by now... but it is worth sharing again

Danny MacAskill
oh man... this is beauty in motion

give it your full attention...
put on some head phones
expand it to full screen
do not multi-task
try to ignore phone calls and emails for the duration of this film
just watch.

Danny MacAskill's "Way Back Home"
a street trials riding short

watch it... share it... be inspired

it is like he is riding his bicycle through beautiful landscape photography
wonderfully scripted
beautifully presented

yes... this is the same guy who brought you Inspired Bicycles
more here at the RED BULL SITE... including interview with Danny MacAskill

funny hearing his voice...

1 comment:

Rob said...

Yep amazing video - I intend to hook it up on the big TV and watch it once that way.

I'll have to watch the interview part also. I'm curious as to how bad his accent is.