I take so many photos of cyclists in the city

it is true...
I take a lot of photographs
my younger son Grant tells me that I take "too many" photographs
he may be right... I am trying to shoot less... save less...
shoot better and only keep the best

I do not post everything that I take
in fact... it can often be that some excellent shots never make the page
it is so easy for images to get lost in the digital shuffle

I have been trying to organize my images
organize things so that I can throw together a BLURB book
right now I am struggling
there are so many photos and I am having a hard time deciding what makes the cut and what hits the edit room floor

each photo tells a story
it is not always about the quality of the photo but the story in the image

sometimes I fear that I am too attached to each photo

like a parent views their children
I am unable to be completely objective

in addition to the frustration with the number of images
I am frustrated with the BLURB software and its inability to interact more smoothly with iPHOTO

I think I may need to do this in several stages
which is fine
I need to sort things out some more

also frustrated with the sizes of my images
my photos... especially my collages may be too small to print large enough to appreciate
which has me thinking I will make smaller books
smaller book means less expensive book

but it also means that you do not get to look as close into the image

a few minutes before I head over to grab the kids from school

need to knock some stuff out

if anyone has any BLURB Tips... share them!

I think that these are some more shots from when I took that urban stroll with fellow street photogra
pher, Smitty

Smitty did a BLURB Book
what is interesting... he did not use the BOOK SMART software and found it to be trouble free
not sure why
but I thought that the BOOK SMART option would be the best way to go

we will see
today I think I will do something as a TEST RUN
just something to bet me up and running
familiarize myself with the product and the process


Em said...

With all your photos - you know - it may be interesting to try and put together a coffee-table type of book of cycling captured in DC..just a thought :-)

clear01 said...

Hey Joel, the only tip I can think of is make sure your images are 300dpi. If your pictures look good printed, they will look good for your book. Oh yeah, proof the book as much as possible before sending it Blurb.
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