I think I got some good photos at The Rockburn Cyclocross Race on Sunday

the lighting was perfect for some bicycle portrait shots

I considered staying to shoot some shots of the later fields
but figured I had pushed the shutter button enough times
thought my time would be best put-zing around the house
which was good... made some things happen that needed to happen

it can get tedious having to deal with all the photographs
some people do this for work
I do it for pleasure
there is work in it... but no money
which means that I can not let the work suffocate the pleasure

that shot of Evan second from the top freezes the moment
a millisecond later and it would have been sand flying towards the lens
but I got the shot and got out just in time

I love the side view mirror on the glasses in the fourth shot

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Unknown said...

I think there's an unwritten rule that if you win a national championship you can race wearing a rear-view mirror on your helmet and nobody will question it.