lost in the digital shuffle...

my six year old son tells me that I take too many photos
he may be right

my boys have stopped asking why I take photos of people on their bikes
they asked for years
never was I able to give them an answer

it is something I do
it is something I have done for some time now

I enjoy it
that is the most simple explanation
it is a hobby
which makes it more understandable
but that does not really explain why I do it

I enjoy the whole process
not just the photography

taking the photos and then sharing the photos
the images and the words
the blog as a whole

but yes
there are times when I fear that I take too many photographs
so... I am trying to take fewer photographs

less photographs and a higher percentage of decent photographs

these seem to be some nice photographs
not sure if I posted them from before

the cyclist in the last photo once asked... "why do you do that?"
this was after I had taken his photo half a dozen times

now... although I did not give him a good answer
now he knows