no bike for the kids today...

today it is cold... not freezing cold... but cold
we woke with the cars covered with a sheet of frost
that may have given the impression that things are colder than they are

no bikes for the kids today...
it is brisk
it is cold
the kids are sniffling and sneezing
it may be the end of our drive-bike combo
unless we get a change in the weather
unless we get our head around the idea of riding in the cold

I plan on watching the weather

I plan on having a few days were the boys dress appropriately and ride anyway
hopefully we can continue the post school bike ride home a few times a week through the winter

we will see... it is unclear what I can get my six year old son to agree to these days

these images amuse me
the images tell me a million stories
stories of that day
stories of my children

it also amuses me that we can pass these landmarks without the children giving them a glance
Washington Monument... seen it!
The White House... come on... what is so special about that? it is always there... we have ridden our bikes by it a hundred times...

for others it may be mountains while for others it may be the sea
for us... it is museums, monuments, and federal buildings
that is our the landscape that is the backdrop to our lives

this series of photos are from an extended post school bicycle ride
normally we do not go this far from home on our ride home
on this day the boys had a half day
so rather than rush home to play Wii

we rode our bikes

things are not to be taken for granted
things are to be appreciated

opportunities are to be taken advantage of

so I wonder...
even if Grant objects to the bike
what is best for the kids?
if dressed appropriately the bike rides can still be fun... even in the cold
not the wet and the cold
but in the cold

a winter hat... some gloves... the ski jacket zipped up tight
sure.... we can make it happen!

no... not today
maybe not tomorrow

but... a few days a week each week in the weeks to come

the best idea
to just do it
not to take a measure of the temperature
just accept that there will be days where we ride the bikes
that may be the only way to make it happen



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