Rock Creek Park... the trails and the future of the park

the 29er Crew has a post about trail building
and getting funding for trail building

I can not help but think that Rock Creek Park has so much more potential than the NPS realizes

I also can not help but think... just as the city of Washington DC offers baseball fields, astro turf soccer fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, and tennis courts

the city of Washington DC does nothing to support the sport of cycling

legal mountain biking in Rock Creek Park would be a great answer
get more kids on bikes
get some of the bikes off the street... away from cars... and into the woods

it would be cheap... JUST TAKE DOWN THE NO BIKES SIGNS
IMBA... MORE.. and other trail groups would work to make the trails better for all users


Blue-eyed Devil said...

IMBA... MORE.. and other trail groups would work to make the trails better for all users"

And, uh, then...maybe you'd come out and join us in building those trails? ;)

gwadzilla said...


I would like to get involved
and I would also like people to understand that I am involved

with DCMTB I assist in putting on DCCX
as a Blogger I try to share information and inspiration

as a father I am involved at my kid's school and as a soccer coach

I have logged some trail day hours
but not so much recently

currently I am active in trail clean up all on my own
for years I have picked up trash without having to write a letter to my senator

hundreds and hundreds of bottles and cans and all sorts of assorted trash has been pulled from Rock Creek Park by me

Jeff said...

Wrote to your Senator? Why not ask Santa Clause while you're at it.

Maybe you should help re-activate People's Alliance for Rock Creek.

gwadzilla said...

good to see that you two agree on something...

as far as writing my Senator
I was implying that I did not need to write my senator or have a trail work day to clean up in Rock Creek Park

Jeff said...

No, you don't, but you're not alone in wanting bike access to the trails. Why not organize others to help you with the trail clean-up or to meet with NPS to discuss the issue?

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Trail work isn't about cleaning up...it's about busting your ass laying new trail. Cleaning up is cool, don't get me wrong. But it isn't the same as spending 5 hours in the hot woods swinging a mattock and pulling a rake. Trail building isn't trail cleaning. Huge difference.

As for the coaching stint, apples and oranges. The light-hearted jab wasn't aimed at lack of community involvement. Plus, community involvement benefits you if you live in the community, n'est ce pas? Not that that's bad, but it is a little self-serving to speak about your involvement with your son's school and as a coach, and in cleaning up the park you walk your pooch in. Much of the trail sections I've helped to put in i have yet to even ride. But someone has to build/maintain trails, or no one rides.

If you (the general "you") ride a mountain bike in the metro area and enjoy it, the people who build trails should get more than just a tip of the hat every now and then. They should get another pair of hands wrapped around a trail-building tool. And afterwards, of course, around a cold beer.

Just sayin'...