sandbagging in cyclocross

for years I have witnessed sandbaggers
back in the day of 24 hour mountain bike races I went against some sandbagging clydesdales
that would be racers who are not quite clydesdales who wear full clothes with pockets stuffed with full water bottles with hiking boots on their feet during the "weigh in"

cyclocross and sandbagging
we have all witnessed it
that intense racer who just won't cat up
or that super fast racer who has catted down

this may be it... I am not positive but I think that this is the Lil Belgian's Girls U6 National Champion
it is suspect... but people were too PC to say anything
as they figured it was just a result of a parent who did not buy into that idea of organic versus non-organic milk


okay... the real story may be at ELEVEN GEAR

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