SWAP. It would be rational for people to hold SWAPS more often...

a FACEBOOK post about a CLOTHING SWAP reminded me of the wisdom behind the SWAP

here it is... the source of this rant... Lolly
Lolly's post on her blog about a clothing SWAP in Malcolm X Park
How to Get An Amazing Wardrobe for FREE
all with some quick tips and a YOUTUBE video

last spring I hosted a BICYCLE SWAP
check out this GWADZILLA ARCHIVE for some specifics on pricing
it was amazing... it was intense... we were understaffed and over worked
luckily it was really mostly SWAPPING
there was not that much going on with the SAFETY CHECKS or BIKES BROUGHT FOR REVIEW OR REPAIR
bikes were coming in... bikes were going out

Cargo Mike had bikes in the stand from start to finish!
it worked out well for everyone involved
next spring I plan on hosting another event like this
only with a little more preparation and maybe a few more hands on deck
with an effort to have a few more adult bikes... lots more kids bikes... and anything else that we can gather
more than likely complete bikes... not parts
although we did have and did need parts on hands to make broken donations into working bicycles

then also... at closing time
have a few of the local bike coops on the speed dial for pick up of the remaining bikes once it is done!
unless of course... I try to have back to back BIKE SWAP WEEKENDS!
which would work... last time I had a number of bikes as a reservoir
then ended up having a good amount of donations in the end

as far as SWAPS go...
the BIKE SWAP... the CLOTHING SWAP... I think that someone would do themselves and the community a service to host a STROLLER SWAP where they SWAP KID and BABY GEAR... strollers... pack and plays... baby and kid car seats and all that massive plastic junk that kids outgrow so fast

then... KID TOY SWAP
low cost... high turn over!

maybe I will see if the Rosemount Center around the corner wants to help me out by letting me do a MOUNT PLEASANT BIKE SWAP there in the SPRING!
it would be great to get more people on bikes by getting those old bikes out of the garage!