so... this past Saturday night there was a reunion for my high school graduating class
fellow B-CC 1985 graduate Laura Hillenbrand was not there

there is an article in The Washington Post about best selling author Laura Hillenbrand's new book UNBROKEN and her life dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

in The Washington Post

the article gives insight into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
before Laura announced to the world that she was crippled by this illness I had never heard of it
and sadly... when I heard of it... I had a hard time believing it

what is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
what causes it? what brings it on?
why is it not treatable or controllable?

Laura looks pretty much the same as she did in high school
from the photos of her you would not know that she suffers from this illness
yet once again... truth is stranger than fiction
this is her reality

hopefully heath and normalcy will one day return to Laura
maybe the illness will leave her
maybe the marvels of modern medicine will have a breakthrough that free Laura from this imprisonment

I thoroughly enjoyed Seabuscuit and plan on reading Unbroken
I wish Laura the best... she deserves it

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