about to watch a somewhat random video

Video from the 24 Hours of Snowshoe 2004
maybe a video of the drive up
just got this in an email from former DCMTB Team Mate Brian Kemler

Granny Gear 24 Hour Race Results and History

lots of great memories of racing the Granny Gear 24 Hour Races!
if I recall... and I do recall
we got third... barely... just barely beating the 4th place team
a win that brought drama
a side note... I held the fastest average lap time on what is a pretty solid team
it was by a hair... but... those are the numbers... just slightly faster than Dave Wotton... but still the fastest average

Brian Kemler's write up about this race in DIRT WORLD

this short blurb on the Gwadzilla Page
another short blurb

then this... a PRE BLOG RANT by ME on the DCMTB Page!

(this may be worth a glance... I used to be more into my writing)

nothing to do with SNOWSHOE on this scan... but a timely piece on SNOW ETIQUETTE when dealing with hiking and cross country ski tracks