bigger backpacks do not make better people...


I have not seen this film
I do not know much about it
in fact...
I have not even seen the trailer

but... I think I can get the basic gist from the image and the title

it is true... what are our objectives? what are our goals?
are double majors really the best use of our time?
do bigger backpacks make better people?
and homework...
is homework where our children's time is best spent?

of course there needs to be some homework... but really... home much is enough? and how much is too much?

this formula may work for the small numbers at the far end of the Bell Curve
but what about the rest of the people in the system?
should the system be re-worked to aid the growth of everyone?

I think I will watch the trailer to get a better idea what I am talking about...
right now... I am just going off the morning's coffee

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